My Story

From Kuwait to Montréal

Here’s the deal. In December of 2012 I moved with my husband from Kuwait to the freezing cold Montréal. We came here right after our honeymoon so my husband, who's a pediatrician, could complete his post grad residency/fellowship in McGill University Health Center. So you get the picture; married, moved halfway across the globe, new life, etc.

Now what?

We celebrated our third year anniversary in November of 2015 when I started thinking of starting this blog. Before that, in those three years, I've literally spent every waking hour thinking of ways I could productively spend my time abroad. I remember simply thinking before moving, “I’ll just complete my post-graduate studies or get a job.” That’s what is expected anyway right? Well, it wasn’t as simple as I thought or as any of you would think.

Anglophone VS Francophone 

I applied to the only two Anglophone universities in the area, twice to McGill, and once to Concordia. I didn't get in. I was not able to work with my bachelor’s degree in Nutrition without having a “Canadian Registered Dietitians License” which I can only get from McGill. I was also not qualified to work anywhere else because I don’t speak fluent French, which is a requirement in the province of Quebec BUT NOT anywhere else in Canada. Lucky me right? At that point I started reaching a point of hopelessness. Is this it? Am I going nowhere in my career?

Three years later… 

Then one day I realized, that despite my many failed attempts to add something to my resume, I did learn SO MUCH. Before moving here, I literally cried when my dad gave me a cookbook as an engagement present. Remember the scene from "Father of the Bride" when Annie got a blender as a housewarming gift from her fiancé? Yeah like that. “It’s so 50’s housewife” I thought. It took me a while to separate that image from the value of what I was learning. It’s not only the cooking, I grew so much as a person, independently and as a partner, in a way I could have spent my entire life at home barely coming close to. I came to realize that education is not only in schools, and experience is not only in the workplace; people learn through life. It’s just what you choose to take from it that counts.

Nowhere. Now Here.

My only regret in the past three years is not living in each moment. I wasted so much time labeling every situation and fixating on the unfulfilled moments when I could of fulfilled everyday with appreciation for my experience as it is. I am proud of being a housewife and always will be. I am my husband’s support, he deserves the world; and if the roles were reversed he would do the same for me.

Promise to self. 

From this day forward, not only will I appreciate my experiences but also share them with a full heart. I really hope that through my “quest” to find the joy in my journey, you could find the joy in your own journey. And remember even though you think you are getting “nowhere”, you are still “now" “here” living, breathing, and learning.