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Chia Mahalabiya

Chia Mahalabiya

"Chia Mahalabiya" it has a nice ring to it!

Chia seeds are tiny but pack a powerful nutritional punch. Chia, which means "strength" in Mayan, was eaten for energy and endurance. Which is not surprising since one ounce of chia (about 2 tablespoons) contains:

139 calories

12 grams carbohydrates 

4 grams of protein

9 grams fat (the good kind)

11 grams of fiber (that's about 30% of your daily requirement)

So why not upgrade your Mahalabiya by adding these "strength" seeds?

Recipe below:


1/2 liter milk

1/4 cup sugar

25g starch dissolved in room temp water (you can use less starch if you want it watery, the chia makes it thick anyway)

1/4 teaspoon vanilla 

1 Tsp. orange blossom water

2 Tbsp chia seeds


1. In a saucepan add the milk and sugar.

2. Stir until sugar completely dissolves.

3. Then add the dissolved starch, and stir continuously on low medium heat until it thickens

4. After it starts thickening, add the vanilla, the orange blossom water, and chia seeds.

5. Stir for a few minutes until the chia seeds puff up. 

6. Put in small bowls and leave to cool.

7. Transfer to fridge for at least an hour.

8. Enjoy your "Chia Mahalabiya" 

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