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Homemade Babyfood Pouches - Infantino Squeeze Station

Homemade Babyfood Pouches - Infantino Squeeze Station


When I first started to regularly feed Yousef solids, I purchased the Infantino Squeeze Station. Transitioning from milk to purees can be overwhelming. So I used the pouches to prep his meals in advance to either freeze & defrost or keep a few in the fridge (for 3 days max) & reheat.


How to use an Infantino Squeeze Station:

Step 1: Wash & cut all veggies into cubes or small slices (peel if needed)

Step 2: Steam the veggies. It’s better to steam veggies instead of boiling to retain as much nutrients as possible. (You could use a steaming insert on top of a pot or use a steamer if you have one)

Step 3: Blend the steamed veggies (+ protein + grains) with water

Step 4: Attach the pouches to the station, then attach the filling tubes to the station by twisting them on to the pouches.

Step 5: Fill your tubes with the purees. I recommend buying the infantino funnel (it’s sold separately), it makes this step much easier.

Step 6: Use the press to push the puree into the pouches.

Step 7: Unscrew to take out & use cap to close pouch.


It is a process but it saves you a lot of time days ahead! I used to do this weekly!



How to choose food to make for your baby:

A baby is born with high iron storage from the mother however, that iron storage gets depleted around 6 months of age (which is when they should be having solids regularly). The iron found in milk is very low, especially breast-fed babies. To be able to make sure your child is getting enough iron & making good use of it there has to be an iron source as well as a vitamin C source in every meal.  

My go-to recipe was always one with this base: kale & bell peppers, or just broccoli. Why do you ask? Because kale is high in iron & bell peppers are high in vitamin C, which help in the absorption of iron in the kale. As for the broccoli, it is high in BOTH iron & vitamin C. I also like to add sweet potatoes because they are full of nutrients and they mash everything together, making a great puree. With that combo you could add meat, poultry or fish (poached or baked) As well as cooked grains & more veggies (there is no limit!) if you would like. 


Sample recipes!


Chicken + Corn + Broccoli + Brown Rice

Beef + Sweet Potato + Carrots + Kale + Yellow Bell Pepper

Red Kidney Beans + Chickpeas + Carrots + Kale + Yellow Bell Pepper +Quinoa

Tomato + Basil + Broccoli + Whole Wheat Pasta

Salmon + Sweet potato + Broccoli

Oats + Baby cereal + Blueberries + Banana + Cauliflower + Chia Seeds  

(no need to steam fruits unless you use apples/pears/or any hard fruit)

Homemade Oat Milk

Homemade Oat Milk

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